Songs for Sandra

“Songs for Sandra” is dedicated to Bob Bowman’s late wife Sandra Paige Bowman who passed Nov 20th 2013. The album features some of her favorite songs also new compositions dedicated to her.

Guitar : Danny Embrey and Rod Fleeman
Piano : Roger Wilder and Laura Caviani
Drums : Todd Strait and Eliot Zigmund
Vocal : Karrin Allyson
Bass : Bob Bowman

  1. The Very Thought of You
  2. Another Time
  3. Beautiful Love
  4. Sandra’s Gait
  5. Lament
  6. Street Cartwheels
  7. What’ll I Do
  8. While We’re Young
  9. Be My Love
  10. Sandra in the Flinthills

“SONGS FOR SANDRA” on Apple Music (available on iTunes too)

“SONGS FOR SANDRA” on Amazon Music

“SONGS FOR SANDRA” on Bandcamp


Steve Houghton Quartet
Steve Houghton : Drums 
Clay Jenkins : Trumpet 
Steve Allee : Piano 
Bob Bowman : Bass

  1. We See 
  2. I’ll Be Seeing You
  3. My Ship
  4. Standing Outside
  5. Caminhos Cruzados
  6. I’m All Smiles
  7. Hubbub
  8. Dipthong Tango
  9. We Got Lucky

“HUBBUB” on Apple Music (available on iTunes too)

“HUBBUB” on Amazon Music

“HUBBUB” on Bandcamp

“HUBBUB” on YouTube

A Beautiful Friendship

Steve Houghton Trio
Steve Houghton : Drums 
Steve Allee : Piano 
Bob Bowman : Bass 

  1. Ebony
  2. Moon and Sand
  3. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  4. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
  5. Hebgen Happy Hour
  6. Sno’ Peas
  7. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face
  8. A Beautiful Friendship
  9. Summer in Central Park

“A Beautiful Friendship” on Apple Music (available on iTunes too)

“A Beautiful Friendship” on Amazon Music

“A Beautiful Friendship” on Bandcamp

“A Beautiful Friendship” on YouTube

Winter Song

Interstring is a legendary jazz group in Kansas City, MO area. “Winter Song” was their second album recorded in 1998 and released in 1999.

Bass : Bob Bowman
Drums : Todd Strait
Guitar : Danny Embrey and Rod Fleeman

  1. Forever, I Hope
  2. Kalarama Rex
  3. The Peacock
  4. Election ’92
  5. Tragedy at Dunblaine
  6. I’m Old Fashioned
  7. New Year
  8. Hawaiian Nights
  9. Winter Song

 “WINTER SONG” on Apple Music (available on iTunes too)

 “WINTER SONG” on Amazon Music

 “WINTER SONG” on Bandcamp

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